Convert your images
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Please take note that all uploaded images would NOT be saved on server.

File Formats

You can upload single or multiple image at a time as JPG, PNG, GIF or BMP.

No limitation filesize or file count. Just click & select miltiple image or drag single or multiple image file. Please note that Internet Explorer 8 has a limit of 32 KB for data URI. Versions below have no support.

Image optimization

We can optimize your JPEG & PNG images, using jpegoptim and optipng. This will reduce the file without any visible impact (in most cases).

You can use photoshop to optimize jpg, png or gif image. Just open a image in photoshop & press (CTRL+Shift+ALT+S) or click file than save for web.

Supported Browser

The encoded results are compatible with all of the following browsers and versions. If you are interested to use this browser please click & download...